How it Works

What RPM Will Provide

Restoration Project Mission is a partnership with local Christian churches that have the heart to reach out to the lost and provide for the needy. RPM advisors will come along side local partner churches to provide the following:

  • RPM will be the Plan Administrator
  • RPM will provide a step-by-step manual for use in the program by churches.
  • RPM will train a church designated coordinator to administer the program in that church. The church and its resources and members will provide necessary and reasonable resources to accomplish successful reentry for those who need assistance and meet rigorous qualifications.
  • RPM will be on call to assist with questions, guidance, discipline, and any other matter of consequence relevant to the individual and/or the church needs.
  • Some churches may fear the program because of its inherent nature. We understand that and will work diligently to work with County judges to offer a viable alternative to incarceration for those who would qualify. We will additionally offer reentry services and relocation to all those who qualify that are currently housed in the Missouri Department of Corrections Honor Centers.
  • RPM believes intensely in collaboration and working together with other organizations for the greater good. We will actively pursue inviting other interested and like-minded existing organizations and ministries to join us and this great mission. We truly do not care who gets the credit as long as the Lord Jesus Christ gets the glory.
  • RPM staff will report and measure ongoing statistical data regarding outcome of the program.
  • RPM will use available technological tools to reach out to EVERY church in the state of Missouri, including all social media, mail outs, ministry produced DVD’s with testimonies and mission overview, personal visits, and an exceeding amount of prayer.

What Partner Churches Will Provide

Partner churches will use their own members to provide gifts, talents, and resources into their church’s mission.

The local church is to capitalize on its own resources as well as the resources of the community that it is located. Every church has people who have a network of other people in their sphere of influence which could become the suppliers. With some donations of goods and time from church members and affiliates the needs of an individual could easily be met. Some of the physical supplies that could be needed are clothing, food, transportation, housing and small amounts of money. There is a possibility of other special needs depending upon the individual the church decides to adopt.

The church will be invited to provide services for the adopted individual. Some of these services will be access to church services at your church, spiritual mentoring or life coaching, assisting in finding employment, assisting in finding appropriate housing, assisting in attendance of Celebrate Recovery meeting or a supplement, assisting in financial counsel and money management as well as assisting in meeting any legal requirement the individual may have incurred.

There will be only two main levels of management to keep the program simple and easily adaptable and implementable in any church. Recovery Prison Ministries (RPM) will be the oversight and consulting authority while the local church will be an autonomous entity to implement and run the Restoration Project Ministry. Simply put…. we provide the program and know-how and the church gets the ability to use its assets and manage them in-house. We are here to provide a system and help bring solutions to challenges that may arise. We are NOT here to micro manage any church or organization. The church will choose and provide a Coordinator for their church to run the program. The Coordinator and the church will then be active in the choosing of an adoptee from the pre-selected list from RPM. The Coordinator will be responsible for gathering people and assets for the adoptee. Furthermore the Coordinator will be a liaison between the church and RPM.

Financial Management
There will be no functionary money paid to RPM for this program. This program is not for sale…. it is a gift from God. It will however be the local churches responsibility to fund their own in-house program with donations, gifts, offerings and/or fund raisers. It will be the task of the coordinator to manage and to mine the resources within the church and community to meet the needs of the adoptee. We understand finances can be tight and are not about adding another debit column to the local church accounting. We suspect the actual out-of-pocket finances for the church could be minimal as our churches are filled with God’s best assets…..His people.

What the Adoptee Provides

The adoptee will have a few basic requirements and expectations that must be met. We believe that everyone needs boundaries to operate within. We have found that a long list of technical arduous rules and regulations tend to send the wrong message. We are interested in a permanent change of heart not merely the ability to follow a laundry list of rules temporarily.

Adoptee Requirements and Expectations:

    1. Must be currently and previously involved in a church and recovery program of some sort. Preferably an RPM function and Celebrate Recovery. We understand that there is a possibility of a local official to recommend someone to our program where a local RPM function or Celebrate Recovery is not offered in the immediate vicinity. In these cases an acceptable substitute will be accepted and RPM alone will have the discretion as whether or not to accept this person on to our adoptee list.
    2. Understand that with adequate help this is a 6 month program which at the end of program the individual is expected to be able to support their self and live a Godly productive life and give back to the church through attendance and service work.
  1. Once adoptee is placed in a church they are to attend at least two local church functions as well as a Celebrate Recovery meeting. If CR is not in the area another recovery program will be acceptable.
  2. Must hold gainful employment and accept whatever employment is offered through the Coordinator if unable to find a job them self.
  3. Must be willing to meet with mentor weekly and check in daily. That could just amount to a phone call on the daily stuff.
  4. Must be willing to accept financial advice and oversight of banking accounts with financial advisor from church.
  5. Must not commit any crimes while in this program…. zero tolerance.

Additional Information

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